OBC Fried Chicken

As OBC Chicken and Meat is already well established in the chicken business, it made good business sense to expand into the fried chicken game with a sub brand.

Brand development began with the design of a logo and store concept. After much thought it was decided that in order to stand out from the already crowded market we needed our customers to feel comfortable trying food from the new kids on the block. The idea is that the stores needed to reflect the areas in which they operated and make the customer feel at home. Working closely with a writer we developed the payoff line of  ‘Tastes like home’.

Then the fun started. Store design, working with the architect, packaging, menus, directing photoshoots and designing an illustration for the wall which depicts the area around the store. There are so many other odds and ends that need branding when you start a new franchise, that it would be a tedious list to read if I posted all of it.

Working together with the team at OBC we managed to do it in just over 3 months from concept to the first customer stepping through the door. With a few stores planned to open in 2015 it’s safe to say that this been a successful undertaking overall.

A few of the packaging items in store.

Exterior of first store in Tembisa.

Interior of first store in Tembisa.

Example of digital menu board. There are 6 in this store.

Wallpaper illustration depicting the things seen directly outside the store. This is 5,5 meters wide.